Cardiff national museum

I went on a trip into the Cardiff national museum and seen a variety of things, most of the work I was looking at was landscapes which I think I’ve been drawn too mostly because of the work I’ve been doing over the summer which also contributes to the work I’ve chose to base my project on which is Alfred Sisley painting of storrs rock


Alfred Sisley

“Storr’s Rock, Lady’s Cove, Evening”

The piece of work i’m using to base my work and research on is Alfred Sisley’s 1897 piece “Storr’s Rock, Lady’s cove, evening” Which is a view of Storr’s Rock which can be found on Langland Bay, Gower peninsula, west of Swansea. I seen this piece in the National Museum Cardiff and its shown next to his piece “The cliff at Penarth, evening, low tide” which was painted the same year.

“The Cliff at Penarth, Evening, Low Tide”

he painted a number of views in Penarth where he married his long term partner before staying in Gower and doing the same there.

Sisley was a british impressionist painter who spent most of his time in France while still remaining a British citizen. His work consisted mostly of Landscapes very rarely deviating into figure painting unlike other impressionist. He was very much influenced by Monet a french painter and a founder of the french impressionist movement, Sisley simularily painted in series and at different times of day which is something he did at Storrs Rock

Summer project

For the summer project we ere asked to doccument places we travelled over the summer, but since i wasnt able to travel much more than going to and from work or back and forth Cwmcarn and Cardiff i mainly based my work on photos i took while i was on trains and buses.

While travelling on buses and trains you tend to look out the window more and from the window i took photos of the sky which were taken at a variety of times and weather, I then painted these views by layering acrylic and metallic paint which was used to show brightness and light on the one side of the glass, to show and image on the other side

something else i experimented with was trying to how movement/travelling, i planed to do this using colour. I started by using photos i’d taken from train windows and printing them onto fabric using gesso which worked but didnt come through as clear as i wanted due to the thick fabric so i then decided to try again on paper which worked a lot better. After this i dragged paint over the top to show movement and speed.