Site venue exhibition

For the site venue exhibition my first choice of venue was welcome house as I thought it was an interesting idea of an exhibition space and would be different to what im used to however I did then decide that the West Warf Gallery would be better as my art work would stand out better against white walls and is better suited to that sort of area as they’re paintings on wood.

I chose to have it on a smaller bit of wall as my work wasn’t that big a piece, I though it was a good place to put it next to the window but I do think that it would of benefited from being somewhere more well lit and less in the corner but as it was a small piece and just one on its own I couldn’t really have a larger space as other people with larger work needed the space, overall i was happy with my decision to put my work up in west warf however because I feel that in welcome house it could might not of stood out. i also had the experience of providing drinks for an exhibition.




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