For my final pieces I decided to do a series of three paintings on wood which I based of collages I made, I made these using modelling clay, wax and melted plastic to create texture and a more sculptural look and decided to use more neutral colours to relate them back to the fact that they are based off a painting of a landscape.

With these pieces I do feel like if they were bigger perhaps they may have worked better because I do prefer the close up view of the textures and painting on them as you can see the wax resist effects and how I poured the paint to go around the modelling clay build up better and possibly as a whole the paintings might come across as quite busy but with what i wanted to do being to recreate work based on one subject and based of collages and capturing the textures at the same time they work.

With presenting these works I decided to have them all in a row on a large white wall which I think was the best way to present them. When deciding what order to put them in I thought best to have the one with the lightest tones in the middle as other wise they seemed to blend in to much colour wise.



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