Terry Setch

Terry Setch an artist based in Penarth is well known for using a variety of materials within his work mostly  textured materials like wax, plastic and polypropylene. Most of the materials he uses are debris found on beaches meaning that they are made of both man made and natural matter with his works being his own interpretation  on conflicts between nature and society. Due to the materials used in his work questions about pollution and the apathy of man kind towards the environment and other living beings around them are raised.

“I have been using the pollution of the local beach particularly the plastic detritus, as my major subject since the mid 1970’s long before concern about the damage caused by the ubiquitous non-biodegradable plastic became widespread in this country”

The pieces above are four out of the eleven works exhibited as part of his show “Beneath the Surface” Which took place in the Flowers gallery (12 june-12 july 2014) these pieces were present in the popular gallery form with white walls so I wouldn’t say the exhibiton was very site specific as even thought the paintings are mostly based on the beaches of Penarth this exhibition took place in London which is where he was born.Beneath the surface


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