After painting from collages on paper I found that as I was trying to add texture and emulate the collages using multiple layers that paper was to weak for what I wanted to do so I then went on to working on wood. The thing that worked best to create a textured base to paint on was using modelling clay and dragging it across the wood or building it up when needed or pressing shapes into it.


I used then would first of all add thick layers of paint occasionally adding watery layers and allowing them to form around the shapes in the clay and dry there to create a marbled effect and I’d do this multiple time with different colours. In some areas of the paintings I would ass small bits of detail or rub away paint that had already sunk into the clay giving a stained effect which showed different layers to the paintings. Occasionally I would also add bits of powered ink to the coloured water on the painting to create different patterns and colour layers


As well of this I also experimented with using wax and plastic as one of the artist who influences my work ( terry setch ) who’s work is also based around welsh beaches however his materials are mostly found. But i feel that both of these materials could create effects to recreate my collages in painting form and to give my work texture and a more sculptural effect.

I feel like the use of wax is quite useful not only for adding texture but when used with paint can create a wax resist effect how ever it would probably work better with more layers and the better board than what I used to practice on the plastic was a bit more difficult to work with I used a heat gun to melt it which changed the size and texture of it but it doesn’t take as well with paint as the  wax does.


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