Spencer Jenkins

Spencer Jenkins creates both function sculptures and ones based more on aesthetics from woven, carved and steamed woods and exhibits and sells work across the country as well as running regular workshops and community events. being part of the making and modelling with ecological materials group he is quite relevant due to how he’s very community orientated and going towards developing our work into final pieces  his media of choice being willow is what we plan to use. Although he does lots of functional work such as furniture the work of his we’ve had most interest in is his sculpture which he categorizes as aesthetics and describes is work as “really about form”

I also find his work relevant to that in my studio practice as his is very nature based and my work is being based of a natural landscape as well as this due to his work being sculptural its quite textured and I do aim to get some texture into my work even though the plan ahead for it is to be a painting of sorts, aswell as this i’ve mainly been capturing the form of natural objects but not in the exact same material or shape


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