Sculptural work

As I’ve put most of my focus into working from Sisleys work in the form of painting I thought of trying a more sculptural form of working so either making an object/sculpture or a recreation.

Instead of going straight into recreating the rock of tried to emulate the rocks I collected from Rotherslade Bay I started doing this by making shapes out of wire by looking at them which stayed quite steady and also made mod-rock versions of them both by building on top of wire mesh and by wraping cling film around the rock and putting mod rock on top and then sliding the moulded form off the object

I find that the wire forms just on their own look interesting but they could also seem unfinished, where as the wire and modrock forms don’t keep to shape but are more stable than the ones casted with clingfilm and mod rock. The ones which were casted are a better shape if I wanted closer to a perfect replica however once I peeled it off the rock its hard to put back together and as its just based on clingfilm its quite flimsy.


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