Photographic Practice

Using the photograph i have taken I made a variety of collages by painting on top, layering found materials and cuting up photographs and layering them up I also worked by making stencils and painting over them to get a cut out effect.

I find the ones that work best were the ones that are more minimal in colour for example when I added white paint to the dark background and the one were I used found paper and materials such as clear bubble wrap, black and white paper

I started doing quick collage pieces like this to help my subject work as the artist of the piece of work my work is originally based on worked in series and painted the same thing multiple times so this was a way of doing that but not getting exactly the same layout and same painting each time and helped towards generating ideas for example one being to start thinking about texture in my work due the use of more textured materials in my collages and ways to recreate those textures, I also experimented with colour in a variety of ways using both neutral and bright colours so these works will lead to more experimentation with colour in my work



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