London trip

On the 26th 0f October I went on a trip to London to see the Abstract Expressionism work being shown at the Royal Academy, despite not being able to take photographs I was given a booklet to go with and was able to purchase postcards15128585_1251809188175256_856739112_n

After this I went to the Saatchi which was doing a show titles “Champagne Life” which showed only female artist with examples being Maha Mullah and her artwork of 570 burnt pots fixed to the wall titled “Food for Thought”, Virgile Ittahs wax and marble piece “Echoué au seuil de la raison” and pieces from other female artist such as Seung Ah Paik, Mia Feuer, Jelena Bulajic and Soheia Sokhanvari

As well as these I got to see Richard Wilsons “20:50” and work from Johny Dar’s “Jeans For Refugees” campaign before moving onto the Tate Britain

Richard Wilsons’ “20:50”

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