Rotherslade Bay

Storrs rock can be found in Rotherslade Bay which is next to Langland Bay in Swansea, I first went onto Langland Bay and walked up the path on the right going up the cliffs to see what I could see from up there and in some parts you can see Storrs rock and Rotherslade bay.

I then went to Rotherslade bay and took photographs of storrs rock and at different angles,lighting and distances. I found that the rock was less jagged than it seemed to me in the painting and there were a lot more rounded shapes on it that I thought but like the painting through out the whole day the side of the rock facing away from the sea was covered in shade and was quite dark but looking at the other side of it facing towards the sea was quite a bit lighter in colour.

I found the size a lot different when i saw it compared to the painting as in the painting theres a very tiny person painted in but the rock even though it is quite big isn’t as big as the smaller person makes it look as you can see in these photos with me in them, although it could be that the rock has decreased in size since 1897.

I also took photos of the whole bay trying to get the rock in different lightings


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