Key Concepts-Failure

The lecture on failure started with how in the 60s typically heroic heroes were called into question and people were more anti authority so defying convention and the anti hero was more popular. Defying convention within art came as de-matarialisation of art objects so rather than sticking to the medium of painting and sculpture going more into performance art, which meant not only was it unbuyable so defied the art market which is still a big industry but also made it so that anyone could do it (you didnt need to buy any materials ect) so broke down the “myth of the artist” so like an artist having to be rich, white, male,eccentric. As well as a0 lot of failure art being performance art based around creating you own system doomed to fail from this lecture we also got that failure art was also part of the process of creating art

“Art comes out of failure. You have to try things out. You can’t sit around, terrified of being incorrect, saying “I won’t do anything until I do a masterpiece””

John Baldessari


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