Claude Monet

Claude Monet who was a founder of french impressionist painting was one of Alfred Sisley’s main influences. He influenced Sisley in the way that he painted in series often repeatedly painting the same subjects but in different lighting conditions.He met Alfred Sisley along with Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Frédéric Bazille in the studio of Swiss artist Charles Gleyre.


Compared to the work of Sisley I find Monet’s to be a lot more vibrant in colour which is most likely due to the subjects with the series of Waterlily paintings as an example where as the colours in Sisleys work are a lot more toned down and calm. Another main difference between the two is the sizes their work tends to be with Monet’s often taking up whole walls and Sisley’s being a lot smaller in comparison however the share a similar approach to making they’re work with repeatedly painting the same subject possibly in order to get the result they wanted to achieve or a variety of works.


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