Key Post






Tia Marie Mcdermid

Mcdermids artwork uses a lot of texture which relates to my work a lot and she also uses quite fluid lines in a lot of her work. Her abstract works tend to have themes such as “sea and sand” or “elements” with all her themes being nature based but rather than landscapes she focuses more on details of thinks such as ripples in the sand, water effects and other natural textures.

Jackson Pollock

I found Influence from Pollocks piece “Full Fathom Five” as he has a kind of crust of texture built up which he did using a pallet knife and an assortment of objects hidden in there to create a texture which the paint is dripped on which reminds me of my way of working as I’ve been building up a texture before adding paint to create a crust which I do with modelling clay and wax layers. As well as this the use of neutral colours and blues look like the sea to me which is part of the landscapes I’m working on. This may be due to this piece in particular being about a quote from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” where a shipwreck is described.full-fathom-five


For the first part of field I was in the group making and modelling with ecological materials where we learnt about how to build with more ecological materials and art and building based around more community based projects, despite this my group looked at the brief in more of a aesthetic way. We used the technique of willow weaving in order to make a sculptural piece we based our work of not only the basis of my subject work which is storrs rock but also the art work of Spencer Jenkins who does both aesthetic and functional willow sculptures. This project I feel didn’t influence my work much apart from me experimenting with texture and sculpture a bit more, it could have possibly but I found that it wasn’t well organised and because of the materials we were using we had to work outside which wasn’t ideal with the time of year and weather, however I could have looked at using more ecological materials in my main practice

The second group I was part of was the Disobedient Objects project, I didn’t have as much time as I would of liked as I had to take time off for health reasons however it was my favorite of the two as there was more of an open brief so I took mine down the rout of failure art with the disobedient object part coming into it with me creating furniture that was designed to not work which i did in the form of making cardboard chairs in different sizes so they were too small or too weak to use, I then filmed someone attempting to sit on the chairs with my final outcome being the films. William Wegman was a main artist influence for this project as his collection of video works mostly include his interacting with objects and furniture or just filming himself while he acts strange, as well as this Tulio Pintos works including chairs influenced me although his work tends to be more about how he can use force and balance in his work. Also another main influence was Bruce Nauman who documents failure and turns it into art work in his photograph “failing to levitate in the studio” where he attempts to levitate between two chairs and ends up falling.  most of the tutorials with this project were based around learning about circuit boards and robotics so that the option of making a working moving object was there which I enjoyed as that is something I didn’t think I’d be able to do but it wasn’t something I was really interested in after giving it a try.


For my final pieces I decided to do a series of three paintings on wood which I based of collages I made, I made these using modelling clay, wax and melted plastic to create texture and a more sculptural look and decided to use more neutral colours to relate them back to the fact that they are based off a painting of a landscape.

With these pieces I do feel like if they were bigger perhaps they may have worked better because I do prefer the close up view of the textures and painting on them as you can see the wax resist effects and how I poured the paint to go around the modelling clay build up better and possibly as a whole the paintings might come across as quite busy but with what i wanted to do being to recreate work based on one subject and based of collages and capturing the textures at the same time they work.

With presenting these works I decided to have them all in a row on a large white wall which I think was the best way to present them. When deciding what order to put them in I thought best to have the one with the lightest tones in the middle as other wise they seemed to blend in to much colour wise.


Site venue exhibition

For the site venue exhibition my first choice of venue was welcome house as I thought it was an interesting idea of an exhibition space and would be different to what im used to however I did then decide that the West Warf Gallery would be better as my art work would stand out better against white walls and is better suited to that sort of area as they’re paintings on wood.

I chose to have it on a smaller bit of wall as my work wasn’t that big a piece, I though it was a good place to put it next to the window but I do think that it would of benefited from being somewhere more well lit and less in the corner but as it was a small piece and just one on its own I couldn’t really have a larger space as other people with larger work needed the space, overall i was happy with my decision to put my work up in west warf however because I feel that in welcome house it could might not of stood out. i also had the experience of providing drinks for an exhibition.



Field- Making and modelling with economic materials

In today’s tutorial we were shown willow weaving, I practiced doing this in a more spherical shape as it linked to how in my subject work the focus of my work is based around a rock and despite Storrs rock not being a sphere and having more of a natural form to it this was a more simplified view of it, there are links to my work also in the way that we are using natural materials to re-create an object that is also part of nature.

Ideas for my main work taken from this is that I could work in a more sculptural way either by leaving behind the idea of making more flat pieces of artwork in favour for making sculptures or by integrating the two so for example having a painting that has elements of sculpture in it.